Saturday, 8 September 2012

Lisan ul Arab by Ibn e Manzoor – Arabic

Lisan ul Arab by Ibn e Manzoor – Arabic

Among the best-known and most comprehensive dictionaries of the Arabic language. Ibn e Manzoor compiled his book from the material found in 5 books mainly : Tahdhib al-Lughah by al-Azhari, al-Muhkam by Ibn Sidah, as-Sihaah by al-Jawhari, Hashiyyat as-Sihaah by Ibn Barri, and an-Nahayyah by Ibn al-Athir. He also used material from Jamharat al-Lughah by Ibn Durayd, but doesn’t mention it in his introduction. He cites Qur’an, Hadith, and prose of poetry in explaining the words. He has also rewritten information from some books in a more sequenced manner. Lane indicated that Taj ul Uroos which was his main source for his Arabic English Lexicon was mainly derived from Lisan ul Arab.


 Lisan ul Arab (216 MB, 4980 pages)